Since the pandemic began, major pest management companies have reported turnover rates of 60% or even higher. Much of this turnover is happening across the younger generation.

Most newly hired technicians in our industry are 25 or younger, making them Gen Z. This demographic shift is changing how our industry works to recruit and retain future employees.

But what appeals to Gen Z ? You might guess that they’re looking for flexible hours and benefits like free food, but they are also the most socially and environmentally conscious generation since the 1960s.

Gen Z has been called the “Sustainability Generation”

Forbes reported that over the last two years, sustainability has become a driving factor of Gen Z purchases and 90% are willing to pay more for sustainable options. This generation wants to work for a company that aligns with their values. They want their company to take a stand on social and environmental issues like being green.

While most companies have some level of commitment to the environment, Gen Z is looking for actions, not words. They’re not afraid to call out employers who claim to be sustainable but make no actionable change. Or they’ll pack up and move to the next employer who promises a mission aligned with their principles.

What can we do to attract and retain Gen Z as they become the foundation of our workforce?

Companies winning the talent war demonstrate greater focus on sustainability and the workplace culture. Gen Zers want to be invested in what they do and know that their time and effort have real meaning.

In the pest management industry, we have the unique ability to lead the way in sustainability. Green treatment options have been around for years, but typically took a backseat to more traditional options.

Now, entire companies are emerging that focus on sustainable pest solutions as their primary control methods. Green is more than a name; it’s their culture. These companies control pests using flower-based pyrethrum products such as Evergreen and Microcare, and baits like Vendetta Cockroach Gel. They also provide exclusion services and coach their clients on good sanitation practices.

It’s not just customers that see the results. Employees see this as a better, more sustainable way to perform pest management. Now that’s a great way to attract talent.

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