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Darlex® Insecticide is the first beetle product formulated for the poultry industry that contains Clothianidin – a second generation neonicotinoid proven to provide long-lasting control of darkling beetles and bed bugs. Darlex’s® continued control helps you save time and money while providing lasting results.

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  • Crickets

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Darlex® FAQs

Darlex® is a neonicotinoid which makes it a great rotational product for pyrethroids, such as Tobex® and Onslaught® FastCap.

Results of individual applications will vary based on environmental conditions, but in general, significant knockdown of listed pests will occur around 24 hours post-application.

Darlex® is a suspension concentrate and stability may be reduced by cold water. Agitation is recommended whenever Darlex® is stored prior to application.

The active ingredient in Darlex® is clothianidin, a synthetic insecticide that acts as a nerve toxin to target insects. Many neonicotinoid insecticides will perform relatively similar. For applications intended to provide residual control, Darlex® is a great candidate due to its low flushing properties. This means you can count on Darlex® staying where it is applied.

Darlex® is specifically labeled for bed bug control in poultry houses and provides control to insect populations that may be resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphates. Apply Darlex® to all interior areas of vacant poultry facilities.