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Bed Bugs

Order: Hemiptera
Family: Cimicidae

Due to their rapid reproduction and spread, bed bugs can be one of the hardest-to-control – and most frustrating – pests for PMPs. Gaining, and maintaining, control requires proper identification, a thorough inspection, and the most effective products. Read on for tips and tricks so that you can confidently tackle bed bug infestations and ensure your customers get the relief they need.

Tips & Tricks for Bed Bug Control

Don’t forget the human element

Bed bugs can cause severe stress and anxiety. Make sure to explain every part of the treatment process to the customer and what role they will play. Clear instruction will help eliminate any additional surprises.

Don’t play the blame game

Try not to guess how the bed bug infestation occurred; instead focus your conversation on preventing re-infestation. You don’t want an angry relative or hotel manager calling you after a customer unleashes their frustrations.

Customer cooperation is key

Explain why a customer’s assistance will help achieve control. Most PMPs ask customers to prepare for a bed bug treatment, like using a dryer for their linens. To avoid call backs, it’s a good idea to always inspect those prepared items before treatment.

Ask the right questions

Remember that bed bugs stay close to their food source. Ask if your customer has been sleeping in another room or on a couch. Find out where they spend a lot of time sitting. It’s too late to ask once the customer is gone.

Set clear expectations

Bed bug treatments often require multiple visits. Let customers know how long they’ll need to vacate their home and what to expect when they return. Provide a prep sheet and review it with the customer. Have them sign a copy so there is no confusion.

Always confirm the source

Never identify a bed bug problem from bites on customers, no matter how convinced they are. A careful inspection is key to identifying a problem and preventing re-infestation, especially in multi-unit housing.

Limit what your customer takes with them

If you can, make sure the customer is not taking bed bugs out when they leave before a treatment and bringing them back in after. This is especially important before a heat treatment with no residual insecticides.

To heat or not to heat?

Liquid applications can be used alongside heat treatments. Heat will generally cause the bed bugs to start moving, so applying a liquid treatment first means it’s immediately available to start killing as they encounter it. In our professional opinion, there’s no cause for concern that the higher temperature will impact the efficacy of the liquid.

Set yourself up for success

No matter the infestation size, physically removing bed bugs significantly increases your chance of success. It’s easier to control any infestation with a pesticide when you remove visible bed bugs first with a simple tool like a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Always read the label!

We can’t say this enough. Read the entire label and follow the instructions to reduce error and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

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