Vendetta 360 Clamshell and syringeSeptember 25, 2023

Minneapolis, MN – Leading insecticide manufacturer MGK is excited to announce the launch of Vendetta® 360, a cockroach gel bait designed to be used in rotation with MGK’s acclaimed Vendetta family of baits, as well as other cockroach baits. This novel bait matrix brings cockroach control full circle for maximum efficacy and more thorough control of cockroaches.

“For years, PMPs have relied on MGK’s Vendetta baits for exceptional control of cockroaches,” said Steve Gullickson, president of MGK. “We’re excited to offer them Vendetta 360, the ideal rotational product allowing PMPs to stay with their trusted Vendetta brand while ensuring effective rotational use of their cockroach baits.

Vendetta 360 has several key features that PMPs will find valuable:

  • Newly available bait matrix to entice stubborn cockroaches
  • Contains NyGuard® IGR
  • A durable formula that stays solid in high heat
  • Easy syringe application that dispenses smoothly
  • No signal word

Of note is Vendetta 360’s unique formulation that not only supports cleanout during active infestations, but also includes NyGuard IGR for dual modes of action.

“When managing German cockroaches, a PMP needs every option available to gain control,” said Tommy Powell, Technical Field Specialist for MGK. “An IGR in a bait is your insurance policy preventing reproduction and is an additional mode of action, which is essential in treating stubborn cockroach populations.”

The Value of Bait Rotation

It’s widely acknowledged among PMPs that bait rotation is essential for better cockroach control. In fact, according to PCT Magazine’s State of the Cockroach Control Market Report, 87% of PMPs said that it was their company’s policy to rotate baits to prevent a form of behavioral resistance, commonly known as bait aversion.

Clamshells and syringes of the Vendetta family of baits: Vendetta, Vendetta Plus, Vendetta Nitro and Vendetta 360

The introduction of a rotational bait rounds out MGK’s current Vendetta line which offers three kinds of cockroach gel bait to address varying degrees of infestation:

Vendetta 360 allows PMPs to make cockroaches an offer they can’t refuse. Complete the rotation and close the loop on pests with this innovative product.

Check with local distribution or your MGK sales rep for availability.

Visit to learn more.

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