Ecovadis LogoEcoVadis is a sustainability rating agency, scrutinizing companies’ performances across environmental, social and ethical standards. EcoVadis offers a detailed scorecard, which assists MGK, our parent company and affiliate partners to advance sustainability across our supply chain.

Both MGK, and our parent company Sumitomo Chemical Company (SCC), are committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development goals through Responsible Care in our supply chain. One of those activities is sustainable procurement, an identified area of importance across our companies’ social responsibility efforts.

Using EcoVadis to assess our suppliers helps us move past traditional measurements like cost and timely delivery to include sustainability performance and continuous improvement in supplier selection.

Offering Robust and Customized Benchmarks

By evaluating a wide range of criteria such as environmental impact, labor practices, and ethical business conduct, EcoVadis provides comprehensive scorecards that help MGK gauge suppliers’ sustainability impact. These scorecards are also customized by industry, allowing suppliers to be compared to similar companies.

Ensuring Compliance and Risk Management

For the pest control industry, the supply chain involves numerous suppliers, each carrying potential risks related to environmental compliance, labor practices and ethical operations. EcoVadis offers a systematic approach to evaluating these risks, ensuring that our suppliers meet standards required in the chemical industry.

Promoting Transparency and Trust

Transparency in the supply chain is no longer optional. EcoVadis provides a consistent and transparent framework for communicating the sustainability performance of suppliers. This transparency is key to building and maintaining trust with stakeholders.

A Strategic Imperative

As a part of SCC, we take great pride in our Gold Level EcoVadis rating, putting our parent company in the top 5% of all companies reviewed. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers are held to similar standards.

By 2030, MGK will be requiring all suppliers with $200,000 spend or more to participate on EcoVadis or another equivalent platform. The strategic adoption of this valuable tool will help MGK continue to build a responsible and future-focused supply chain.

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